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Sports Clearance for Your young Athlete

The Georgia High School Association (GHSA- www.ghsa.net) requires that every adolescent wishing to participate in High School Athletics in the State of Georgia have a “Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form” completed EACH year by the student’s primary care physician.  The PPEF is provided in the PDF link below:

This “PPEF” asks various questions about the student athlete’s personal health such as whether he has been told he has a heart murmur, has experienced chest pain, dizziness/fainting with or without sports or if they have had palpitations or any other sign or symptom that could alert the physician to potentially dangerous conditions associated with “Sudden Cardiac Death” in the student athlete. 


While SCD in adolescent student athlete is rare, its occurrence receives much media attention and causes a flurry of phone calls to the pediatrician’s office.  Fortunately, a comprehensive pediatric cardiology evaluation with Personal and Family History, Physical Exam, Trans Thoracic Echocardiography and ECG can rule out the majority (99%)of cardiac causes of SCD in young athletes. 

Since Heat Stroke, Asthma and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) remain concerns of the GHSA, coaches and parents alike; the PPEF also asks detailed questions regarding signs and symptoms of these important health issues (i.e. prior head trauma). Your PCP should coordinate sub specialty referrals to have any of these conditions evaluated.

Your student athletes PPFE personal and family history can now be saved and updated on the cloud through YOUR “CCM patient portal” with convenient access where ever and whenever your family needs to update history, repeat the physical exam or obtain a copy for your records.  Schedule your student athlete today for a complete Heart Screen for Teens.

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