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By contactus@childrenscvm.com
February 03, 2015
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Lean Mean Athletic Clean Diet
By Fentris Lane
February 07, 2015
Download my "Lean Mean Athletic Clean Diet" from the Cor2Life service tag today and see if you are really up for the challenge! Fen
The Skinny on Eating Disorders
By Doc E
February 10, 2015
THE “SKINNY” ON EATING DISORDERS The other day I received a very interesting email from out of the blue by someone that I don't even know. The question they asked was how come you don't address "eating-disorders". Environmental issues for eating disorders can include having a family that values being thin and shames a person for their food intake and body weight, being surrounded by media images, and being influenced by messages from peers. The bottom line is that the food itself is usually not the primary issue behind these disorders, but instead it's a symptom of underlining emotional and/psychological issues. SOME PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS INCLUDE: - Distorted Body Image: Body “Dys-morphism Syndrome” - Lack of self esteem. - A need to be liked by others. - A need to control things. - Perfectionism - A certain temperament, brief being "the perfect child." - Fear of "growing up". - High family or peer expectation. - Being teased about weight and body shape. - Seeing parents excessively dieting. - General family dysfunction. - A need of attention. So why do people engage in eating disorders? Many experts think they're a coping mechanism for other life situations or psychological issues. Questions?