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"Your Family, Your Health in Your Hands"

Program Philosophy

Preventive Cardiology is a field whose aims is to help young people understand the importance of initiating a healthy lifestyle and sustainable behaviors to achieve optimal health and prevent chronic illnesses and disability.   With Cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes and Cancers globally leading as causes of death and illness, it is our obligation as physicians to inform and assist you and your families in determing your path to Cardiac Health and Wellness.   We strive to do this in an environment that is based on a compassionate caring manner as we would care for our own family.  We believe that optimal health and wellbeing is a vital part of a happy and productive life.  We live and work by the motto that:

“Health is Happiness” or “Salud es Felicidad”


Community Cardiovascular Medicine (CCM) Preventive Lifestyle Medicine Clinics offers you and your family participation in a structured program offering a Total Heart Health Risk evaluation aimed at identifying evolving chronic disease conditions and providing appropriate preventive medicine interventions to reduce your risk.   Your Total Heart Health Plan is provided in plain language and in writing explaining your family’s health risk profile and attainable and sensible medical, preventive and wellness recommendations.  

CCM introduces to you to a clinically proven, three-phase Lifestyle Heart Health and Wellness program that begins with a comprehensive medical personal, family and social history, physical exam and screening metabolic laboratory analysis (Level- I).  TheCCM Prevetnive Medicine program then provides a comprehensive Nutritional/Metabolic function evaluation and strength, flexibility and physical activity functional analysis (Level-II).  Your Total Heart Health Lifestyle plan is a 12 month structured, clinically supported and integrated program that includes professional and peer supported network (Level-III).

CCM provides you and your family with support from our clinical staff during the programmed clinical follow up in clinic as well as the using social media and smart phone applications and our secure digital communication (HIPPA compliant), messaging center for social health networking and preventive health education blogging.  Online interactive “Health Risk Appraisals” are made available allowing your family members to complete much of their assessment in the privacy of your home.

Availability and pricing of all CCM clinical tests,  screening exams and Lifestyle services are listed on our website and backed by information recommended  by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).  Our Preventive-Lifestyle Medicine clinic engages you and your family to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness. More importantly, we strive to make you a good consumer of healthcare and give you all the information you need to make sensible health care decisions for your family.  This is why we publish a list of prices for all the services and test offered in our clinics.

Both our Pediatric Cardiology and Preventive-Lifestyle Medicine clinics are Physician led and staffed by highly trained and experienced clinical assistants, certified and registered nutritionist, and sports physiologists, Lifestyle coaches and Fitness trainers.  We empower your family to create a health and wellness plan that includes comprehensive health assessment; fitness assessments, total body nutritional assessments, and assist you in establishing and achieving your family’s optimal health.  Please browse our website today.  We designed our clinical program and services with our motto in mind:

“Your Family, Your Health, in Your Hands”.

CCM -   Total Lifestyle Clinic Total Heart Health Program Services:

Nutritional Assessment and Counseling

Physical Activity Evaluations

Strength and Flexibility Training

Preventive Medicine Screenings

Mental and Behavioral Health Assessments

CCM offers now  Youth (8 years and up) young adolescent and adult (16- 18 yrs) and now Older Adult Preventive Care.  The whole family and community are welcomed to join:

CCM   Total Lifestyle Clinic Program Services:

Our entry level plan offers a customized Total Heart Health Plan starting with a complete personalized health risk assessment for major chronic illnesses such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Environmental and Emotional Health. Research based tools are used to give you a “Best Practices of Care” guarantee consistent with national quality standard measure.   The assessment includes:

Level I - Foundation Health Risk Evaluation

Medical Services*;

  • Total Heart Health Risk Appraisal
  • Complete Body Mass, Anthropometric, Flexibility and Strength Assessment
  • Comprehensive Medical Physical Exam
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Analysis

Total Lifestyle Clinical; 

Certified Nutritional Assessment (1 hr.)   

Strength, Flexibility and Physical Activity Evaluation(1 hr.) 

Lifestyle, Prevention and Wellness Coach (1hr.) 

Level II Screen – Advanced Health Risk and Body Function Analysis:

Medical Screen*;



Carotid Artery US – CIMT

Clinical –Body Composition Analysis 

Sports and Exercise Physiological Assessment – Metabolic Cart EST

Autonomic Nervous System Physiology Evaluation (ANSAR) 

Level III- Total Lifestyle Plan;

Facilitated Group Experience – Bimonthly (Structured Community Blog)

Social Network Participation – Ongoing (Community Blog- Facebook)

Body Physiologic Monitoring – Ongoing (Fitness and Nutrition Blog, wearables)

Preventive Health Blog Resource Network – Online (Physician Blog)

CCM-   Total Lifestyle Care Program for Executives and Elite Atlethes

Level  I – II   Foundation Total Lifestyle – Executive Physical - Customized Physiologic Assessment

Level  II        Individual Foundational Program Support -  Wellness Coach (Monthly Professional Support Network)


Pricing for Total Lifestyle Program-  TBD


*All physician services are billed through your health insurance.