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Children's Cardiovascular  and Preventive Medicine. offers a wide range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Read more about our procedures and treatment options on this page.

Pediatric Cardiology Consultation

A pediatric cardiologist consultation is typically requested by your primary physician when he or she determines that your child may have a heart condition or cardiac related illness. This may also include situations where you or your regular physician suggests you have a second opinion.

A pediatric cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating heart conditions,  screening and and preventing cardiovascular diseases and other conditions that may arise complicating heart disease (High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure or Type II Diabetes). The initial pediatric cardiology consultation often involves a physical examination, a review of patient records and medical history, and possible diagnostic testing such as an echocardiogram. Your cardiologist will help you understand the risks and prevention of heart disease.

Pediatric Echocardiography                                          

A Pediatric Cardiologist may use a specialized diagnostic imaging test called an echocardiogram or "echo" for short.  This test uses sound waves to allow your cardiologist to view the heart and diagnosis any structural anatomical problems, problems with the size and function and many other issues that may adversely affect your famies health. 



Electrocardiography, Holter and Event Monitoring  Your cardiologist will also use special machines that detect and record your heart's electrical activity in the form of an "electrocardiogram" or pulse waveform of that electrical activity generated by your heart.  This is useful for the cardiologist to determine how efficiently youe heart is pumping and any problems you may have with the heart function.  Other variations of the ECG are the longer time period Holter and Event monitors which usually involve wearing a device that may be connected to your body by wires for 24 hours or more.  

The purpose of the Holter and Event monitors are to catch an electrical disturbance when you may be far away from our offices such as at home, work or school.  This technology is simple to use and painless.  Many times the data can be transmitted by cell phone to your pediatric cardiologist for a rapid interpretation of your child;s problem. 

Stress Testing/Exercise Physiology Metabolic Testing    

A standard medical quality exercise treadmill is often used to "stress" the heart during periods of moderate exercise.  This is done under controlled conditions while the heart rate and Blood Pressure are monitored carefully.  The EST is started with the patient leisurely walking then slowly the speed and incline of the treadmill are increased according to a protocol.  The EST is stopped if the patient experiences cardiac symptoms or if the test shows cardiac abnormalities. 

The EST is physician supervised and results are generally given at the time the EST is performed. 


Body Fat Mass Assessment                                             

Body Composition Analysis has been around for a long time.  It is useful to aid your physician in counseling you with the best strategies to effectively lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health.  The test is usually performed with the patient standing or sitting with bare feet placed on two metal plates and the hands tightly grasping tow metal handles.   A electirc signal (not felt) is tramsitted through the body and allows an internal software program to calculate indirectly percentages of Body Fat, Lean Muscle, Free Water and Bone Density.  This data is very helpful in determining and setting goasl for health and wellness and chronic disease prevention. 

Doc Time – Physician Consultation Portal      

This new and revoltionary "Smart Phone App" called Doc Time can be downloaded from most carriers and enables you to talk in a secure and confidential portal to your pediatric cardiologist and preventive medicine specialist.  Our practice allows you to schedule and pay for private time with your health care professional from the comfort of your own home or office.  Your health questions may be answered or labs reviewed and your conversation includes audio and video that will become a permanent part of your medical record.  Ask us today how to use this service.