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Sports Cardiology  –  Your Pediatric, Adolescent  and Young Adult Athelete 


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Sports Cardiology - Expert Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition for your Student Athelete


Children's Cardiovascular Medicine has created an evironment where your student athelete and family can access the quality standard in Exercise Physiologic Assessment, Sports Nutrition, Elite Athelete Fitness Training.  Our services are all supervised by a cardiologist and follow medical grade guidelines and recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine.  

At CCM your young student athelete's safety is our primary concern. Our Sports cardiology assessment protocols are desinged to minimize sports injuries and provide your family with the latest sports and exercise information to maximize your student athjelete's strength, endurance and performance.   In addition, we will provide them guidance in maximizing their strength and flexibility with professional healthy and safe physical activity guidance. Our "virtual Trainer" feature allows them to use social media to have expert advice at their finger tips. 

Sports Cardiology -  Exercise Physiology Assessment ;"The Metabolic Cart"   






Certified Sports Nutrition Evaluation





Nicole Stevens is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and has recently joined CCM.  Nicole graduated top in her class after completing her Family Nurse Practitioner degree from the Frontier Nursing University in 2015.

Nicole has a special interest in Fitness and Wellness and brings many years of health industry experience to our patients to meet their nutritional and physical activity needs.  Should you or your child want or need a nutritional assessment, please call the office and schedule a time for nutritional health education and evaluation with Nikki!

Nicole obtained her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2006 from Mercy College of Northwest Ohio. She has been working as a Registered Nurse for almost 10 years with extensive experience working in acute cardiac medicine.  Nicole’s scope of practice as an FNP encompasses health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosing, treatment, and management of common and complex healthcare problems for individuals of all ages.  She strives to promote health and wellness through her lifelong passion of physical fitness and nutrition.  Nicole feels it is critical to heal patients using a holistic approach and to compassionately heal from the roots up.  This includes understanding the patient’s emotional, spiritual and physical needs. 

Nicole lives in Canton, Georgia with her husband and two young children.  Nicole enjoys spending her free time with family and friends; traveling to Michigan to see family; working on projects around the house; taking the kids to the community pool; golfing and of course weight lifting in her home gym. 


Areas of expertise include:

  • Nutrition Expert
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Nutrition and Dietary Counseling
  • Health/Nutrition News Anchor
  • Health and Nutrition News Writer




Fentris Lane, Founder Fitness Lane; Certified Fitness Trainer

Fentris Lane, Founder Fitness Lane;

 Certified Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutritionist- The "Virtual Trainer"

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Fitness Lane Inc.  is a fitness and lifestyle consultancy operating in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area (and online nationwide).  Whether providing personal training for individual clients, promoting a product or service, designing a fitness facility, assisting with nutritional advice, or running a complete corporate wellness program, Fitness Lane Inc. can be your partner!  With more than a decade of experience in the Fitness Industry, Fentris Lane, President and owner of Fitness Lane Inc. feels that his knowledge, personal care and holistic philosophy will enhance individual(s)/corporate cultures and ultimately can result into an improved productivity of his clients' well-being.

A healthy individual(s) is a more happier person and the most important objective of Fitness Lane Inc. is keeping company's and individual(s) balanced, competitive, fit and successful through our wellness programs, that aim to assist in finding the so needed "balance" between personal and professional well-being.


For executive and Individual(s) clients we can offer the following health and fitness services:

  • Fitness Assessment/Consultations -  Are you really fit as you think?... Let us help find every individual(s) his or her personalized level of exercise and flexibility (Includes customized weekly grocery list, meal plans + workout routines -  cardiovascular and resistance training).
  • Stress Management -  Addressing both the mental and physical manifestations of one of the largest "silent-killers" and what to do to fight it.
  • Nutritional Guidance - Fitness Lane Inc. can organized informative chats about nutrition.  Also, help in how to maneuver your way through today's restaurant (fast-food) environments.
  • One-to-One Training -  Personalized training for the maximum results in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Holistic Notes -  Biweekly newsletters and blogs addressing latest fitness trends related to proper diet and quality exercise results.
  • Group Training -  Up to the maximum of three people individualized, result-oriented and is fun to do with colleagues and friends.
  • Online-Training -  For individual(s) with very busy or hectic travel schedules (Includes:  Customized workout routines -  hotels or vacation destinations, sample meal plan options - for the indoor/outdoor athlete).


  • Certification -  Nautilus International (Strength & Rehab Training)
  • CPR -  American Heart Association, St. Joseph Medical Center Atlanta

Corporate or Individual(s) programs can be developed and tailored to each company.  We at Fitness Lane Inc. would be delighted to further discuss an appropriate plan for your company.  Clientele includes:  CEO's, Athletes, Professionals, and Entertainers.