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Sports Cardiology - Expert Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition for your Student Athelete


Children's Cardiovascular Medicine & Family Preventive Medicine  has created an evironment where your student athelete and family can access the quality standard in Exercise Physiologic Assessment, Sports Nutrition, Elite Athelete Fitness Training.  Our services are all supervised by a cardiologist and follow medical grade guidelines and recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine.  

At CCM your young student athelete's safety is our primary concern. Our Sports cardiology assessment protocols are desinged to minimize sports injuries and provide your family with the latest sports and exercise information to maximize your student athjelete's strength, endurance and performance.   In addition, we will provide them guidance in maximizing their strength and flexibility with professional healthy and safe physical activity guidance. Our "virtual Trainer" feature allows them to use social media to have expert advice at their finger tips.