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Our Mission

To provide Low THC CBD Oil treatments for our patients with chronic conditions impairing their quality of life and causing suffering.

Services description

The State of Georgia allows qualified physicians to certify patients meeting certain criteria for a “CBD Card”.  The CBD cards, issued by the state to eligible patients, allows one to legally purchase and be treated with Low THC CBD Oil treatments.  

Acceptable medical conditions for treatment include PTSD, Terminal Cancer, Intractable Pain, Autism, Neurological Degenerative Diseases and others.  For a complete list of eligible criteria, providers and products, please visit: 

History of CBD as a Medical Treatment Option

The use of the cannabis bush or “hemp” plant goes back more than 3000 years as there exists many descriptions of the Hemp fiber being used to make rope, shoes, cloth and containers. The cannabis leaf has been eaten, drank, smoked, used as a balm or made into oil for medicinal use since ancient times. 

Used by priests and shamans during ceremonial rituals and by healers during crude medical procedures as plant ash and residues have been found throughout sacred grounds in Israel and throughout the Amazon basin.

Not until scientists and physicians began research into the chemical properties of cannabis did we know that the cannabis plant has hundreds of chemical ingredients and has many many benefits.  These include  reducing pain and inflammation, treating anxiety/depressive symptoms, reducing intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma and even slowing the growth of some cancer cells to name a few. While there is much research to be done this amazing plant is not just what you see people smoking to get high. 

Also known as Marijuana or Pot, cannabis was demonized in the US and other countries as a convenient scapegoat for criminal behavior and other social ills afflicting mostly urban areas starting in the 1960’s.   

Any attempt to associate it only with Latin Americans or other ethnic groups is not only unfair but highly inaccurate. It has been reported that as many as 94 million people in the US alone have admitted to using some form of cannabis in the past year.  

So strong is the case for legalizing medical marijuana use in children and adults with serious debilitating chronic diseases, currently 47 of 50 US states allow for some form of medical marijuana usage. In the State of Georgia, a patient or their family must still have a medical evaluation by a “Certified CBD Card” provider and meet strict diagnostic criteria to be eligible to use the cannabis formulation known as “Low THC CBD Oil”.   CBD Oil is a sublingual (under the tongue) medicine that is absorbed quickly into the body through the oral mucosa to provide relief.


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Pediatric Cardiology

A pediatric cardiologist consultation is typically requested by your primary physician.


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To Educate, Treat and Prevent Disease in All family members to Improve their Quality of Life...



Telemedicine partnerships offering our patients and their families expert subspecialty consultation.