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Niños con alto riesgo de enfermedad cardíaca producto del COVID “En todo Estados Unidos, después de haber logrado vacunar a más del 50% de nuestra población adulta con al menos una dosis de la vacuna Covid, ahora estamos experimentando un resurgimiento de las infecciones por COVID – 19”. Leer más Childrens Cardiovascular Medicine “Your Health,
Your Family’s Health, in Your Hands”
Our mission is to provide you and your family with essential health services to make you healthy, happy and productive in your lives. Read more
Childrens Cardiovascular Medicine “Su salud,
la salud de su familia, en sus manos”
Nuestra misión es brindarle a usted y a su familia servicios de salud esenciales para que estén saludables, felices y productivos en sus vidas. Leer Más
Pediatric Cardiology “Pediatric Cardiology Specializes in Heart Conditions” Our doctors treat all our patients heart problems from infancy, through childhood and adolescence up to age 25 years. From infants born with heart conditions to older children and adolescents with heart related symptoms, our goal is to prevent disease and improve quality of life. Read more
Pediatric Cardiology “La cardiología pediátrica se especializa en enfermedades cardíacas” Nuestros médicos tratan a todos nuestros pacientes con problemas cardíacos desde la infancia, la niñez y la adolescencia hasta los 25 años. Desde bebés que nacen con afecciones cardíacas hasta niños mayores y adolescentes con síntomas relacionados con el corazón, nuestro objetivo es prevenir enfermedades y mejorar la calidad de vida. Leer Más
Family Preventive Medicine “Family Preventive Medicine and Cardiology” Living happy and disease free lives is our goal. Our Preventive Medicine Program or “PMP” is for everyone to receive needed tests and exams to keep you healthy and prevent chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Heart Disease. Read more Family Preventive Medicine “Medicina Preventiva Familiar y Cardiología” Nuestro Programa de Medicina Preventiva o “PMP” es para que todos reciban las pruebas y exámenes necesarios para mantenerse saludable y prevenir enfermedades crónicas como la diabetes y las enfermedades cardíacas. Vivir una vida feliz y libre de enfermedades es nuestro objetivo. Leer Más


Targeted, High-Quality Services

Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine and Family Preventive Medicine offers a wide range of services not only for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease, but for the prevention of the most common chronic disease conditions; CV Disease, Type II Diabetes, Cancer, Mental Health and Injury Prevention.

Read more about our unique services, diagnostic imaging tests and procedures and the treatment options available to you and your family in this section.

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Pediatric Cardiology


Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric cardiologist consultation requested by your primary physician.


Family Preventive Medicine


Family Preventive Medicine

To Educate, Treat and Prevent Disease in All family members.





Telemedicine partnerships offering our patients and their families expert subspecialty consultation.


Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine & Family Preventive Medicine

All of your family’s cardiovascular needs will be addressed in a professional, quality and efficient manner by our Board Certified physicians.

The exceptional health care services they provide are conveniently located in three (3) metropolitan Atlanta locations to best serve your family’s needs.

We accept Medicaid and all major insurance plans.
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    Welcome to Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine and Family Preventive Medicine.  By joining our Heart Health Care team you have made a wise choice for you and your family that will provide you access to the latest evidence based information on best practices for Prevention, Health and Wellness. 

    “Your Health, Your Family’s Health, in Your Hands”.

    Patient Testimonials

    For us it is very important to know the opinion that our patients have about our services and how their experience has been. Here you will find some testimonials.

    Dr. Montaña is very professional, dedicated and special with each and every one of his patients, and the entire team that surrounds him makes Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine an excellent place where you will find the necessary medical attention. Highly recommended.

    Maria Salazar



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