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Welcome to Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine
& Family Preventive Medicine.

The exceptional health care offered by Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine & Family Preventive Medicine  clinics  are conveniently located in three (3) metropolitan Atlanta locations to best serve your family’s needs.  We believe however, that a medical practice is more than the bricks and mortar where it calls home.  That is why we strive to design a “Virtual Medical Practice” were through our website you can find the latest health care information, complete your families health risk evaluations and communicate with your physician and preventive –lifestyle specialist online in the comfort of your own home or office. 

Our wish is to engage you and your family in an ongoing relationship within a virtual clinic of health professionals that understands that your time is valuable.   Moreover, this virtual clinic will allow you to schedule appointments, fill out necessary forms and provide your families and personal health record within your personal health record that is securely stored in the practice electronic medical record.ree

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Office Hours

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Tel: (404) 943-0289
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Our Locations

Marrieta Office

780 Canton Road, NE Suite 350
Marietta, Georgia 30060

Jasper Offcie

1020 JL White Drive, Suite 110
Jasper, Georgia 30148

Brookhaven Office

3925 Peachtree Road, Suite 200
Atlanta GA  30319

Insurance and Payment Options

Our medical practice accepts most  Major medical insurance carriers including Medicaid.

We also have for your convenience a “Self pay” price  of all services we provide for patient with no insurance coverage. 

Please feel free to speak with our billing specialist about your special financial needs and allow us to assist in making the process of paying for your health and wellness more affordable.

Any questions or concerns regarding billing of our services please contact our Practice Administrator at

Appointment Scheduling Details

Our offices strive to make your visit to our clinics convenient and efficient.  Patients and their families may schedule an appointment with a physician, order test, or schedule prevention and wellness.

Facilities and Equipment

Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine & Family Preventive Medicine Clinics offer a wide range of services to improve and maintain your family’s health.  We provide all State of the Art evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric cardiovascular disease conditions.  Our Diagnostic Imaging lab is one of only 4 accredited pediatric cardiology labs in the State of Georgia.  All our physicians are highly qualified in the interpretation of all evaluation services offered. Please view those services that best serve your families health needs. 

Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine & Family Preventive Medicine  Clinics offers a comprehensive preventive medicine evaluation including health risk appraisal, nutrition/metabolic and Fitness/Strength evaluations.  Wellness Coordination and professionally facilitated peer support networks are available to engage you and empower you and your family to achieve your optimal health.  Our program philosophy is that:

“Health is Happiness” or “Salud es Felicidad”


Patient Testimonials

For us it is very important to know the opinion that our patients have about our services and how their experience has been. Here you will find some testimonials.

Dr. Montaña is very professional, dedicated and special with each and every one of his patients, and the entire team that surrounds him makes Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine an excellent place where you will find the necessary medical attention.
Highly recommended.

Maria Salazar