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Patient Testimonials

For us it is very important to know the opinion that our patients have about our services and how their experience has been.
Here you will find some testimonials. We invite you to share yours.

It was the best experience ever I had a blast they were so sweet and friendly and they were so gentle with all the tools they were using on me I definitely recommend them.💕 

Leticia Ramírez

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Montaña and his staff. He made our whole appointment process a breeze. My son was very nervous and they did great with putting him at ease. He is very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all your questions. All around great doctor!

Courtney Decker

“Good morning and happy day, this is Bryson Lee's mom.

I know most of the time you get complaints from parents as a dr. I wanted to give many positive stories I have seen in Bryson since starting the CBD oil in December of 2019!

  1. He focuses more and looks you in your eyes. 
  2. His autistic characteristics have gotten better, and he hasn't had as many meltdowns!
  3. He has more energy and wants to sit up and work. He will work out longer and harder.
  4. His headaches have gotten better, and he doesn't push on his eyes or head because of the excruciating pain!
  5. His nystagmus has slowed and sometimes stops. 
  6. He wants to play using his hands. Before he didn't want to touch any objects or peoples hands because of sensory issues. He now initiates play!
  7. He talks more(still non-verbal) but is starting to make different sounds and try to make the same sound as what we are saying! Before he would just shake his head yes or no. 
  8. Now this is my favorite one of all 6 years, Bryson has had different kinds of seizures. They would change periodically.  If his seizures were not myoclonic episodes,  we would have to either call 911 and get an ambulance stat because of non stop seizures and 02 issues, or put him into the car and take him to hospital stat if 02 was up. Yesterday Bryson had 3 partial seizures in a row within 15 minutes. “

Bryson Lee's mom.


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