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Our Mission

“To Educate, Treat and Prevent Chronic Disease in all  Family members and Provide them with Optimal Health, Happiness and Quality of Life”


To Provide Compassionate, Culturally Sensitive, Convenient and High Quality Care for Diseases that may Affect Your Family for Decades. 

What is Preventive Medicine?

Preventive Medicine or “PVM” is a philosophy that doctors live by that “It is Better to Prevent Disease Rather than Cure It”. Our belief in PVM is that every disease, condition, illness or problem that you may face is rooted in Lifestyle Behaviors.  Another way of saying it is: “Tell Me Where You Live, Eat, Work, Play and Play” and I will help you heal yourself.  

As far back as Socrates and Aristotle, human disease has been attributed to the way we feed ourselves, the amount of physical activity we get, our safety, our stress levels and our spiritual beliefs.  That is the Mind-Body Spirit approach to health that some call “Integrated Medicine”

We prefer not to use fancy new titles for something we have known all along, that people want to be treated with respect, have the opportunity to live in a safe, clean environment and have clean water and healthy food to consume. We understand that across the globe billions of people do not have their basic needs such as these met.  We believe this does not happen in our communities.   However, we understand that it is more complex than this and includes domestic violence, substance abuse, immigration matters, mental health and economic hardship.  

While our FPVM clinic cannot solve all the world’s problems, we can provide critical and essential health care services and education geared to those issues affecting your health and your families well being. We will listen while you tell us about your family. We will help you find the help you need if we cannot provide it.  This is the FPVM promise.

FPVM Conditions Treated 

Our communities are no different from those around the US or world.  We suffer from the same “Urban Diseases” as most countries.  These include the well known Obesity Epidemic in our children and adults, leading to Type II Diabetes and Lifetime Cardiovascular diseases (Heart Attack, Stroke or CVA, Angina, Peripheral Vascular Disease) and ALL other major causes of death and disability in our communities. Following CVD/T2D is Cancers of Prostate, Breast, Colon and GI tract, Lung, Mouth and any body system. 

Our Preventive Pediatric Medicine program aims to catch and reverse these conditions prior to 25 years of age and before they become irreversible (chronic). However even in those 25 years old or greater, Chronic disease can be well managed and sometimes reversed all together. Chronic disease does not have to be a death sentence. You too can live a high quality of life. 

The key is EARLY DETECTION AND PREVENTION and for that reason our FPVM clinic has established the entry level Preventive Medicine Program or “PMP” our  cornerstone service that allows you and all your family members to enter the clinic at a reduced cost and get a PMP Health Assessment including:

Vital Signs: 
  • “Blood Spot Labs” including Glucose (sugar), Cholesterol (fat) and HgA1c ( a Diabetes test) 
  • Personal/Family History and Physical Exam
  • Screening EKG and Echocardiogram
  • Medical Consultation
  • PVM Health Plan and Recommendations
Annual Preventive Medical Evaluations:

The American Preventive Medicine Association recommends that all children and adults have a PVM annual evaluation that targets age-specific conditions that you, your children or your elder family members may be at risk for. 

An easy example of this is the routine General Pediatric annual PVM which includes vaccines, Iron and Lead levels, hearing and eye exams. Dental exams are also annual PVMs. 

Our FPVM clinic is a place for you and your family to coordinate and plan your preventive medicine evaluations by allowing us to assess you and recommend the preventive exams needed as recommended by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSF) one of the authoritative scientific groups that determine the interval for certain test (i.e. Colonoscopy after age 50 years for example). 

You, your children and elderly family members now have a Health Partner that will assist in not only reminding you of your needed test, but facilitate getting the test done in the most convenient and economic way. Most importantly we are here to help you understand the results and treatments you may need. 

Lastly we take the worry, fear or confusion out of keeping healthy.  We are available to discuss your concerns, make recommendations and provide you annual evaluations that will identify and prevent these serious chronic conditions and keep you healthy,  happy and productive.

Evaluation includes:
  • Evaluation of patients over 20 years of age – Male, Female
  • Bi -Lingual Services and staff
  • Vital Signs – Ht, Wt BMI, BPs, Chest Circumference, Waist Circumference to identify and quantify Chronic Diseases  causing Overweight/Obesity.
  • Complete Personal / Family History and Physical Exam identifying Personal and Family Risk Factors for preventing chronic disease. 
  • Basic laboratories Spot Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, HgA1c (fasting preferred)
  • Creation of a “Personalized PVM Health Plan” detailing age specific preventive test needed
  • Electrocardiogram – a screening tool to identify heart rhythm problems .
  • Echocardiogram – a screening tool to assess cardiac function and structure. 
  • Cancer Screening: Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), Breast Screen using DBE, Cologuard FIT Test. 
  • Behavioral Health Assessment – Substance Abuse, Smoking Cessation 
  • Environmental Risk Assessment – workplace injury
  •  Specific Advanced Lab tests: Thyroid, Liver, Kidney panels, Metabolic labs, Lipids.

Female: Hormonal Assay : Androgenizing hormones
Males: PSA or  Prostate Specific Antigen, Testosterone  Levels.

Please see our Patient Education Library for a complete list of available documents and resources to better understand your or your families health conditions.  Documents may be uploaded or “pushed” to your smart device”.


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